6 years ago I got to know about Startups. I started to read, learn and apply what I’ve learned. After reading about startups, entrepreneurship, business, marketing etc. too much it was impossible to remember everything what I’ve learned, so it forced me to make lists of resources and easy access to them when needed. So I decided to publicize best resources I came across and I call this list “Handbook of a Modern Entrepreneur”. Modern – because you can’t find this type of information on any book about business or in business classes of a University. The list will always be up to date, I’m adding links whenever I come across a great resource. You can contribute to this by sending me your link at ↪ vusal.zeynalov(at)gmail.com

Handbook consists of collection of:

  • ar → Ask Hn Threads
  • ar → Articles
  • ar → Books
  • ar → Videos

Starting your business

• How to start a Startup New
• Concept of Minimal Viable Product
• Cofounders & Single founders
• Market & Costumer research
• Starting outside of USA
• Ideas


• Success stories
• Show HN threads of famous startups

Being a Founder CEO

• Hiring

Financial solutions

• Acquisition
• Finances and Accounting
• Fundraising
• Investing
• Pricing

Marketing & Advertising

• In General
• Social Media Marketing
• Advertising
• Building Traffic for website
• PR

Building a Website

• Web design & front-end development


Motivation & Productivity New

• In General


• Headlines
• In General